Language and Abbreviations

In this section you will find glossaries, lists of terms, and literature on the importance of language in WMD issues. 

For your reference, most academic papers and journals include lists of terms directly in their publications. See for example:

All direct links are underlined. 

Literature on language

On "de-jargoning"

Inkstick Media, "Human Foreign Policy"

"DC Dictionary" An accessible guide to acronyms

"Is it "non-proliferation" or "nonproliferation"?

Comprehensive WMD Glossaries

From the Nuclear Threat Initiative

List of Abbreviations

Nuclear Matters Handbook Acronyms List

Chem and Bio Terrorism Terms

Comprehensive list of abbreviations

Chemical Hazards Emergency Medical Management Terms

Abbreviations found in Syria chemical weapon discourse

Partners, Organizations, and Capacity Building Terms

From RAND on capacity building

List of partners and organizations from the United Nations

Glossary of acronyms from U.S. State Department

Nuclear Weapons and Safeguards

Acronyms on nuclear weapons and earth penetrating systems

Nuclear Files Acronyms

Abbreviations from RAND

Nuclear and nano-science acronyms

List of common nuclear weapons abbreviations 

Abbreviations from the SIPRI Yearbook

Common disarmament abbreviations

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization glossary

Safeguards language


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