Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are categorized by relevant subject and suggested grade range. 

These lesson plans are designed to supplement existing curriculums, and direct links are underlined.

9-12 Science

K=1 Project at Columbia University and K=1 Educational Materials

Atomic Heritage Foundation Lesson Plans

Nuclear Science and Energy from the Truman Library

Atomic Archive educational resources

National Nanotechnology Initiative

OPCW resources on education

Next Generation Biosecurity: Responding to 21st Century Biorisks

9-12 History

Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center Cuban Missile Crisis website

Khan Academy lesson on the Manhattan Project

On WWII and the Atomic Bomb

Learn the Manhattan Project

Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty from the JFK Library

Arms control agreements from The Reagan Files

Stanford History Education Group on the Atomic Bomb

History Teaching Institute on nuclear weapons

Nuclear Tipping Point videos from NTI

A substantive reader on weapons of mass destruction

9-12 Government

Social Studies Center lesson on civil defense

Ploughshares lessons on peace and disarmament

CSPAN video on recent US-DPRK relations

US Institute of Peace on proliferation 

NY Times lesson on current US-DPRK relations

Foreign Policy Research Institute global crisis simulation

Teach Nuclear lessons on proliferation

Additional lessons on non-proliferation

Additional discussion prompts on nuclear weapons and non-proliferation

Foreign Policy Association resources on WMD

Learn about nuclear weapons online

Kim Nuclear Gamble

EU Non-Prolifeartion and Disarmament Elearning Courses

University Level

Nuclear Materials Security education model from NTI

IAEA Educational Program in nuclear security 


Teach Nuclear by the Canadian Nuclear Association

Learning Portal by Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

Project on Managing the Atom at the Harvard Kennedy School Belfer Center and their list of resources

National Museum of Nuclear Education and History Teacher Resources

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament free teaching resources

United Nations resources on disarmament education

A review of non-proliferation education in the US

Nuclear Threat Initiative Education Center

Nuclear Files Educator Community

James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies Education

Capacity building and education in nuclear disarmament, University of Oslo

Education, Culture, and Nuclear Weapons

Historical document on "Teaching About Nuclear War Issues"

"What You(th) Can Do About Nuclear Weapons"

Federation of American Scientists Nuclear Education Project

The William J. Perry Project resources

ICAN classroom resources

MIT Nuclear Weapons Education Project

The Critical Issues Forum: Global Disarmament and Nonproliferation Education for High School Students

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